22 July 2019

PLUS Housing Group is an alliance of independent organisations with complementary goals, that have come together to make a positive contribution to the housing and regeneration sector. Our member organisations are CDS Housing Association, Hornby Homes, New Gen, and INclude Neighbourhood Regeneration Company.

In April 2005, PLUS Housing Group received 2 stars with promising prospects for improvement from the Audit Commission.

An innovative organisational structure enables each organisation in the group to focus on its own priorities, with PLUS playing an enabling role in strategic management, innovation and business development.

PLUS is a dynamic group, alive to the market trends and fundamental changes taking place in housing and regeneration. We are determined to harness our ambition and expertise to realise opportunities in the market place, to improve our services, to grow and to diversify our business.

PLUS Housing Group became operational in 2003. We own and manage 8,850 units in seven local authority areas and employ 236 staff. We have a turnover of 22.7 million and a development programme for 2004 - 2006 of 75 million. We are a Housing Corporation Development Partner and are active as lead housing association in two major areas of the Merseyside Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder (NewHeartlands).

For further information about PLUS Housing Group, please contact Ken Perry, Group Chief Executive at ken.perry@plusgroupltd.org.uk


CDS was established in Toxteth in 1976 in response to the need for a locally based organisation, capable of and committed to working with the community to renew the housing in the area. CDS has been registered with the Housing Corporation since 1977. From the start, tenant and client involvement has been fundamental to the way we work.

CDS provides a comprehensive range of activities to support and regenerate its neighbourhoods. We are a social landlord owning over 5000 properties in Merseyside, Cheshire and Lancashire . We also provide a full range of care and support services, as well as agency services to Liverpool Housing Action Trust.

CDS has three major groupings of stock in South Liverpool , North Liverpool and Runcorn, with more dispersed housing in Knowsley, Wirral and West Lancashire . The majority of our stock is general family housing. We also have schemes for single people, older people, people with mental health problems and a supported housing scheme for young single black people.

For further information about CDS please contact Clare Budden, Managing Director at clare.budden@cdshousing.org.uk


Hornby Homes

Hornby Homes is a charitable housing association with over 25 years’ experience of providing quality housing throughout Merseyside.

We have a reputation for providing excellent housing management services. We have around 1,300 homes, mainly in the North of Merseyside, and are one of the lead housing associations for the South Sefton area.

Hornby Homes, together with CDS, formed the PLUS Housing Group in December 2002. As a member of the PLUS Group, Hornby Homes provides high-quality, tenant-focused services, and is growing and diversifying our business.

For further information about Hornby Homes, please contact Paul Harris, Managing Director at paul.harris@hornbyhomes.co.uk


New Gen

New Gen is small housing association with a strong social ethos. We are a charity specialising in accommodation for the elderly and disabled with nearly 400 properties across Merseyside, some purpose built and others which have been adapted to allow people to continue living independently in their own homes.

New Gen was formed from the transfer of engagements of the former Merseyside Housing Association to CDS New Generation Housing Association. MHA was a small organisation dedicated to housing people with disabilities, but had to rely on private agencies for its housing management, finance and repairs service. The Housing Corporation found it had been poorly served and advocated the transfer, which took place in August 2002.

For more information about New Gen, please contact Yvonne Davies, Managing Director at yvonne.davies@plusgroupltd.org.uk


INclude Neighbourhood Regeneration is a ‘regeneration company’ for West Liverpool 8. Set up in 2001, it is a joint venture between PLUS Housing Group and Liverpool City Council.

INclude is the first such regeneration and neighbourhood management company in the country and is unique in its approach. We change the way in which mainstream services are delivered, how resources are allocated and public money is spent. We customise available services to deliver what local residents tell us they want – now and for the future of their neighbourhood.

The INclude neighbourhood houses 20,000 residents in 8,000 households and covers three wards.

For more information about INclude, please contact Erika Rushton, Neighbourhood Director at erika.rushton@plusgroupltd.org.uk

CDS Client Services

CDS Client Services is a dedicated team offering agency services and support to housing co-operatives and small housing associations since 1976.

CDS Client Services handles an increasing diversity and number of clients over a wide geographical area. The team is the largest provider of agency services to housing co-ops in Merseyside and also provides services to housing co-ops in the Greater Manchester area and a Tenant Management Organisation through Salford Council. Clients also include three Black and Minority Ethnic associations and four leaseholder companies.

Our current combined portfolio of client stock totals nearly 3,000 units with an annual turnover in excess of £8m and a combined assets value of £180m.

For further information about CDS Client Services, please contact Syed Masqood, Managing Director at syed.masqood@cdshousing.org.uk

PLUS Developments

PLUS Developments is an experienced team of dedicated development and regeneration professionals working within the PLUS Housing Group. The team has a track record in the delivery of a wide range of development and regeneration projects including housing, community and commercial ventures for a broad range of clients.

PLUS is one of only 70 Housing Corporation national development partners. We received grant of over £21 million in the 2004-2006 partnering programme, to deliver over 400 new homes with a value of £43 million. The programme includes allocations for CDS, Hornby Homes, Steve Biko HA, Alt and Lodge Lane Co-operatives and for Cosmopolitan in Sefton. PLUS is a lead housing association within two significant areas of the Merseyside Housing Market Renewal pathfinder and is delivering rural housing in West Lancashire and a major programme of deck access replacement housing in Castlefields, Runcorn.

For more information about PLUS Developments, please contact Sasha Deepwell, Group Development Director at sasha.deepwell@plusgroupltd.org.uk

tic consultants

tic is an innovative, not-for-profit consultancy, specialising in neighbourhood regeneration, community regeneration, social enterprise, community and stakeholder engagement, change management and project management. As a social enterprise, tic’s income is invested in improving services to the neighbourhoods it works in. tic’s hands-on approach has been developed from over 20 years’ experience working with communities and professionals to deliver local solutions.

tic’s clients include a diverse mix from local, community-led organisations and partnerships, to borough and metropolitan local authorities, housing market renewal boards and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. tic has clients across Merseyside, in London and East Lancashire, and is planning to open an office in Russia to support work in Russia, Serbia and Kyrgyzstan.

For further information about tic consultants, please contact Malcolm Williams, Principal Consultant at malcolm.williams@tic-uk.org.uk

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